May 19 ā€¢ 5M

Episode 69 - Stories for Life - Mike Benson - GDP: Seems Kind of Gross

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The story of Spaceship Earth is simple... We live on a life giving rock called Earth hurtling through space. Like a spaceship, we have a finite amount of supplies with an intelligent operating system, called nature, which keeps everything replenished as long as we all respect it and participate wisely. So a deep relationship with this mysterious system, along with spontaneous co-operation between humans and all life is essential to keep us thriving and the spaceship flying. In this podcast Iā€™m in conversations with folk involved in regenerating life, Shifting consciousness and re-imagining how we can live more beautifully and peacefully. I talk with artists, writers, activists, designers, adventurers, healers, farmers, creative mavericks and more. Their stories invite us to participate in the co-creation of life sustaining cultures. In service to life. Becoming crew on Spaceship Earth.
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Introducing this first Stories for Life mini-sode from The SpaceShip Earth Podcast.

The intention with these mini episodes is to serve up short form sonic offerings - poems, stories, readings, meditations and musical gifts.

These offerings will either be riffing on 'love stories', helping us relate to ourselves, to each other and to this more than human world that we inhabit in more entangled, mysterious, interconnected and life sustaining ways.

Or drawing our attention to 'horror stories' in our modern cultures that through their deeply ingrained pervasiveness keep us trapped in the destructive and divisive story of separation.

This first offering comes from writer and poet Mike Benson, a poem entitled - GDP: Seems Kind of Gross.


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