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Episode 70 - Easkey Britton - Ebb and Flow

Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water

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The story of Spaceship Earth is simple... We live on a life giving rock called Earth hurtling through space. Like a spaceship, we have a finite amount of supplies with an intelligent operating system, called nature, which keeps everything replenished as long as we all respect it and participate wisely. So a deep relationship with this mysterious system, along with spontaneous co-operation between humans and all life is essential to keep us thriving and the spaceship flying. In this podcast I’m in conversations with folk involved in regenerating life, Shifting consciousness and re-imagining how we can live more beautifully and peacefully. I talk with artists, writers, activists, designers, adventurers, healers, farmers, creative mavericks and more. Their stories invite us to participate in the co-creation of life sustaining cultures. In service to life. Becoming crew on Spaceship Earth.
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What if the health of the wild waters of the Earth are a reflection of human health?

What if restoring our relationship with the wild waters on this earth was a way to restore and heal our own health ?

How might moving into a more intentional relationship with water within us and around us help us through these times of fear, grief and complexity?

How might cultivating practices and rituals with water today begin to catalyse cultural shifts towards a return of the sacredness between humans and the waters on this Earth?

What stories of water will we begin to carry, tell and live by as we move into a different relationship?

Easkey Britton is a surfer, scientist, academic, social ecologist, activist, writer and artist who has dedicated her life to exploring connection with the ocean and wild waters of this Earth and understanding our human relationship with water as watery beings.

This is Easkey’s third time on the podcast and this episode is in honour of her new book Ebb and Flow, Connect with the Patterns and Power of Water.

An essential book for this moment, as we are beginning to understand through witnessing the health of the rivers and ocean around us - what we do to the wild waters of this Earth ultimately we do to ourselves.

Packed with wisdom and practices to restore health to ourselves and the wild waters around us, Easkey has weaved together insight and intelligence from her own deep experiences and those of wisdom keepers, water guardians, scientists, activists and indigenous scholars from all over Spaceship Earth.

This conversation riffs on a number of threads in the book.

This is an Ocean Mic episode in collaboration with Finisterre

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Ebb and flow the book

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