Aug 14 • 1HR 11M

Episode 75 - Dan Burgess - Rambling in the Woods

Reflections from the heart in unravelling times

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The story of Spaceship Earth is simple... We live on a life giving rock called Earth hurtling through space. Like a spaceship, we have a finite amount of supplies with an intelligent operating system, called nature, which keeps everything replenished as long as we all respect it and participate wisely. So a deep relationship with this mysterious system, along with spontaneous co-operation between humans and all life is essential to keep us thriving and the spaceship flying. In this podcast I’m in conversations with folk involved in regenerating life, Shifting consciousness and re-imagining how we can live more beautifully and peacefully. I talk with artists, writers, activists, designers, adventurers, healers, farmers, creative mavericks and more. Their stories invite us to participate in the co-creation of life sustaining cultures. In service to life. Becoming crew on Spaceship Earth.
Episode details

This episode is a reflective ramble in the woods from me your podcast host @dan__burgess

There are no guests (apart from wind, trees, buzzard and pigeon)

The episode marks an end to this season of recordings and to this format of conversations this year.

And a pause until early Autumn.

For me this episode was a chance to honour some shifts, to reflect deeply and to try and speak to this moment from my heart intelligence.

So this a spontaneous, personal, honest, open, vulnerable, meandering, reflective share. And some of my opinions on the context we are in at this moment as climate breakdown becomes seemingly impossible to ignore.

How I am deepening my own learning, practices and offerings through deeper relational intentionality with the more than human world,  including a recent Vision Quest and beginning participation in a new 18 month learning journey -  

Kincentric Leadership’.

And how all this is shaping the future of the podcast, the work I do and the evolution of Becoming Crew.

I speak to some of my overwhelm with how to show up and speak to what I often feel is the ‘insanity’ of these times.

I talk about grief and its essential part in the cycle of life, as an act of love, and how suppressing our grief, our loss in these times is leading to so much stress, fear, anger, numbness and inaction.

I reflect on my takeouts and learnings from the podcast conversations with my amazing guests this year and why they feel important and valuable for these times.

I share what next for the podcast in the Autumn and from Becoming Crew.

To be honest I recorded this episode for me, but I hope you find something in it for you, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

A big thanks to all the guests, contributors and our crew for making this podcast happen and to all our beautiful listeners for supporting us.

We hope you get some rest over the next month, the Autumn is going to be very lively  - we are all being called to step into service,  to cultivate our creative courage, to flow into the uncertainty and navigate from our hearts - we are all needed, for the sake of our young, for future ancestors, for all beings 🙏💙✨🌎

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