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Dan is an expert in harnessing creativity and collaboration for action on complex social, ecological and climate challenges.

He works with activists, artists, designers, responsible brands, NGO’s and communities on missions to co-create a more beautiful life sustaining world, recording podcasts with humans working at the leading edges of meaningful change along the way.

He’s Co-founder of Good for Nothing, Co-Pilot at Wild Labs, long term steward of The Wild Network and We Are Ocean collective and hosts The SpaceShip Earth podcast.

Earthling , dad, creative strategist, activist, catalyst, co-designer and learning/unlearning guide - his work explores cultivating regenerative and participatory cultures, deepening our relationship with the more than human world, brand activism and creative experimentation in unravelling times.

The threads most alive for him are:

How to scale the letting go of destructive world views, ways of knowing and thinking that no longer serve us, all life and the future on this earth

Cultivating our imaginations and resilience through re-connection with life, each other and the more than human world.

How we might shift away from passive consumer cultures, to active participatory and regenerative cultures, where we become co-creators of the emerging future.

How do we rapidly create the conditions to heal and repair the damage we’ve done to the world and each other

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